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Break The Divide is an international network that connects youth worldwide. We inspire students to create change by building personal connections and learning from one another.

We are all one.

Together, we can Break The Divide.



A night to break stigmas, change mindsets and so much more.

Congratulations to the Tamanawis Secondary Break The Divide chapter on a successful Break The Stigma event!


What We Do

Break The Divide Foundation is a non-profit organization that connects youth from around the world to initiate in dialogue. We connect individuals to each other which personalizes them with issues facing communities around the world.

How We're Helping

By becoming personalized with issues facing others' communities, students are more passionate about making a change in society.

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In February 2017, co-founder Abhayjeet Singh Sachal had the great honour of speaking at CBC Studios 700 to speak about BTD's efforts in achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals.