The Break The Barrier Challenge & Event

Students from BTD Tamanawis and BTD Kwantlen Park have collaborated through Break The Divide’s network to create a project to help challenge youth perception on adolescence and teenagehood. Their dialogue leads them to tackle this through the social media challenge “Break The Barrier” where we aim to reflect upon how individuals have grown from their past and how they plan to thrive in their life now. This is accomplished with a social media challenge and an event taking place on May 31st at Tamanawis Secondary School from 4:45-7:00 pm.

➡ Students and young adults collect one picture of themselves from the past along with one picture of themselves taken recently.

➡Write about one of the following: One positive thing they have learned from life experiences during the time between the two photos, one thing that they have changed about themselves, someone they are thankful for and why, or one quality they would want to achieve in themselves in the coming years.

➡Upload the post online using our hashtag #BreakTheBarrier or click on the link below and access a form to upload photos on!

On May 31st all the submissions will be revealed at an event at Tamanawis Secondary School taking place from 4:45-7:00 pm featuring speakers, music, food, and opportunity for all to share their stories.

Break The Barrier Form

“I have learned not to change myself based on other people’s opinions of me.”

-Maryam Haroom, Grade 10, BTD Tamanawis member.