Hi Potential Co-Worker,

My name is Abhay Singh Sachal. I’m the Co-Founder and Executive Director of Break The Divide Foundation.

About Break The Divide:

We’re on a mission to connect students across the world through technology. Break The Divide Foundation is a non-profit organization that connects youth to initiate in dialogue across the world using our app & network of student-led chapters. Through this personal connection, students collaborate to create projects & we provide them the  resources to make their projects happen.

As humans, we learn best when we are passionate about certain subjects. It is easiest to become involved in world issues when we care about them personally. That is why through Break The Divide, students are given the opportunity to learn about others from a first-hand perspective and take action on issues facing communities. We believe that we’re the team that can support youth in tackling issues across the world with a combination of service, technology, and resources to build the action plans they need to get there. We believe with the technology available- there’s never been a better time in human history to connect humans & create change than now.

About The Role:

Break The Divide is looking to hire a full-time Growth Lead for a 4-month summer contract (June-September) to support our team in creating the necessary processes to facilitate our growth & sharpen our edges.

As a Growth Lead over a 4-month period, you will be responsible for the creation of chapters at different schools in Canada and across the world, generating revenue via merchandise sales to support Break The Divide’s student chapters, coaching & mentoring our team to support you with this. You’ll be expected to create a repeatable system to create student-led chapters & generate revenue via merchandise sales that you can hand down to our team.

We are intentional about creating a brand and culture that is consistent all the way through from leadership to our students. So BTD is a place where people come to do great work and to be surrounded by others who are developing themselves and who want to push themselves. If you want to learn how to build something, work fast, & accelerate your career, BTD is the place to do it.

We believe in giving you the reins and supporting you along the way. Expect targets to be set but for you to find the best way to get there. We also believe in direct feedback and constant daily improvement. If you’re the type of person that enjoys getting so passionate about the projects that you dream about them, then Break The Divide is for you.

At Break The Divide we like to set clear targets & start with the end in mind. To be successful in this role as you walk out at the end of September you will have achieved the following:

  • Created a world-class repeatable process that allows BTD to find motivated students & support them in creating student-led chapters with ease. This system should be tested by you, documented & our Communications team should be trained on this to execute it upon your exit.
  • Create a top-notch process that allows BTD to have recurring revenue in merchandise sales to support our chapters. You should achieve revenue targets in merchandise sales and create a repeatable process to achieve this target. This process should rival top E-Commerce brands in the world.
  • Leveled up our current team by leading, coaching, mentoring & training our team on these processes and anything else you discover.
  • Build relationships with students and impact hundreds of them across the world.

We’re looking for people who:

  • Have high energy, a positive attitude and are passionate about helping students
  • Love learning, and wish to build a career in non-profit work, sales, marketing,  or startups
  • Are driven, self-motivated, and have a fantastic work ethic
  • Are results-oriented: will run through a wall to get stuff done
  • Have a keen desire to continually develop and grow their skills and are open to receiving feedback
  • Are comfortable with being measured by results and numbers
  • Think on their feet and can problem solve on the fly
  • Are masters of efficiency, are highly organized, and love using technology to get things done quickly. We love calendar audits- do you?
  • Are self-starters who can BUILD in their own time and work without supervision
  • Are great & trustworthy humans looking to do some good in the world

Bonus points if you:

  • Have operational experience in customer-facing roles, sales & management
  • Have worked in a startup environment
  • Like to read & learn. If you’ve truly paid attention then in your email application for this job please include the last book, podcast, video or interesting material you consumed 😃

We offer:

  • Growth and career development opportunities
  • Remote work through the summer
  • Leadership opportunities in a fast growing startupesque environment
  • A work opportunity for you to create your own work

We’re excited to have you on our journey of growth!

How to Apply:

  1. Submit your resume, LinkedIn profile, and cover letter to info@breakthedivide.net with the subject line “Growth Lead Job Application FirstName LastName”. Within this email, CC arry@breakthedivide.net & abhay@breakthedivide.net
  2. Accepting applications until May 28, 2021

Or you can apply at the link here.