The 3 C's


Break The Divide wants to connect with individuals around the world and bring people from different walks of life together.


These groups of people can then communicate between each other and learn about issues that are a part of their daily lives.


With their new found knowledge, passion and friendship student are inspired to hold events to both inform and fundraise towards their causes

Mental Health

Not only prominent in Arctic communities, youth suicide and mental health is one of the most pressing issues facing society today.


Disabilities are a common issue for people everywhere. Together we can help make a difference for those people.

Climate Change

Climate change is real. Talk to BTD members who've experienced flooding in India or hurricanes in Florida. Let's tell the world.

Foster Care System

Thousands of children around the world are involved in the foster care system. Let's engage in dialogue with them.

Truth and Reconcilation

Indigenous communities have constantly been denied rights in government. It's time to take a stand.

Youth Violence

Violence and gangs affect youth not only throughout Canada but all of the world. By inspiring youth we can prevent cycles of violence from occurring.

Tell Us What You Think

We’re always open to suggestions on what we should do next. Tell us below.