Executive Team

Our Executive Team powers our mission and vision in some pretty amazing ways. We couldn’t accomplish much without their energy, dedication and talent. Learn more about the people leading our organization.

Abhay Singh Sachal

Founder and Executive Directorabhay@breakthedivide.net(604)-597-8527

Abhay Singh Sachal is a 22-year old Canadian whose research and work resides at the intersection of climate change, ecoanxiety, mental health, and spirituality. He founded Break The Divide in 2017 to build connections between Arctic communities impacted by climate change and his hometown of Surrey, BC.  Abhay is one of 10 advisors in the inaugural Environment and Climate Change Canada Youth Council, and serves as one of 20 advisors in the United Nations Environmental Programme Faith For Earth Youth Council. Outside of his activism, Abhay is currently a student at the University of Regina, completing a Masters of Education in Educational Psychology; a public speaker on environmental and climate issues; and, an avid ice hockey player and pianist.

Tariq Harney

Director of Operationstariq@breakthedivide.net

Born in Toronto, but growing up in Australia, Italy and Alberta, Tariq is a curious undergraduate student trying to understand how to combine his interests in environmentalism, food, politics, anthropology and hockey. Tariq’s passion for creating community and dialogue comes from his own lived experiences as an immigrant in Australia and Italy who found community through food and hockey. Tariq is currently in the fourth year of his undergraduate degree at the University of Toronto. He is double majoring in Anthropology and Political Science.

Aria Kani

Program Managerprograms@breakthedivide.net

Aria is a University of Toronto graduate with an Honours Bachelor of Science in Psychology & International Relations, Class of 2023. She was born and raised in Kazakhstan but has been based in Toronto for the last 4 years. In research, Aria holds an interest in social and organizational psychology, as well as the role of international organizations in the allocation of power and the relationship dynamic between authoritarian and democratic states. Besides that, Aria is passionate about working together with and supporting youth and marginalized communities, especially when it comes to climate change and mental health. In her free time Aria likes to journal, do photography, explore cafes and restaurants around Toronto, and consume Asian pop culture.

Rohan Birk

Technological Directorinfo@breakthedivide.net

Rohan Birk is currently a biomedical engineering student at the University of British Columbia. With a special interest in the medical field, and with a passion for making healthcare more accessible to those in need, Rohan founded a non-profit aimed at providing resources to lower-income families to educate them about the healthcare system and how to obtain proper treatment. Through Break The Divide, Rohan hopes to implement his passions for community service towards global issues such as climate change and mental health.

Brad Wood-MacLean

Director of Human Resourcesbrad@breakthedivide.net

Brad Wood-MacLean is a Political Science and History fourth-year undergraduate student at the University of Toronto. Hailing from Kingston, Ontario, Brad is passionate about building avenues for conversation about polarizing topics in society, as he seeks ways to bring people and communities from different backgrounds together. As a Research Assistant in the Department of Political Science at the University of Toronto, he researches how AI will impact different regime types. Brad’s current senior thesis project investigates “The Relationship Between COVID-19 Restrictions and Satisfaction with Democracy in Canada”.